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To create lasting change, we recruit the people and organizations from all across the community who bring the passion, expertise and resources to get things done. Financial resources are invested in over 100 programs, initiatives and grants serving more than 100,000 people in the Fox Cities.


DNAW 2018

Donations for Diapers

The National Diaper Bank Network states, “1 in 3 American families struggle with diaper need, not having enough diapers for their baby. Annually, Diaper Need Awareness Week draws national attention to this consequence of poverty.” Financial contributions to the Post-Crescent's Donations for Diapers campaign will be used to purchase diapers for low-income families in the Fox Cities. All diapers will be distributed through several local nonprofit organizations partnering with the Fox Cities Diaper Bank, including Salvation Army Fox Cities and St. Joseph Food Program. Learn more about the Fox Cities Diaper Bank.

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Children and Youth

Developing Children & Youth

By 2021, we aim to secure a brighter future for more of our children by making sure 60% of third grade students read at or above a proficient level. Read more >>

Basic Needs

Improving Self-Sufficiency

By 2021, we aim to stabilize more working families by reducing the number of renters experiencing housing cost-burden to 36%, which will impact 960 households. Read more >>

Health and Healing

Promoting Health & Healing

By 2021, we aim to foster a healthier community by decreasing by 20% each, the youth and adults struggling with three or more poor mental health days per month. Read more >>


Strengthening Families

By 2021, we aim to help keep our children safe by reducing the number of screened-in cases of child abuse and neglect by 23%. Read more >>