General and Innovative Grants

United Way Fox Cities improves lives by bringing diverse people together to build a stronger, more caring community for everyone.

To fulfill its mission, United Way Fox Cities has adopted a strategic direction called Community Impact. In collaboration with others, United Way works to address the underlying causes of community issues.

To better direct our investments in programs and projects, volunteers from our four Impact Areas have identified priorities and other ranked community issues that United Way is focused on. These priorities and ranked issues are used by our volunteers to review funding proposals and make investment decisions.

There are two categories of grants:

General Grants

General Grants are defined as funding that addresses an unexpected agency need, capacity building or another, short-term need impacting service delivery other than capital funding for bricks and mortar. The program for which the applicant is seeking funding must be evidence-based and the measurable outcomes must align with one of United Way's priorities or ranked issues. United Way has also established goals for some issues. If the issue being addressed has a goal, the applicant must explain how the program will help achieve that goal. If the goal has strategies, actions and indicators, the program must measure the appropriate indicators.

General Grants will be accepted twice a year, in the spring and in th fallApplicants must complete the application for General Grants.

General Grants for the spring cycle are due on May 21, 2018 at 12:00 pm (noon). 

2018 Spring Cycle General Grant Application

2018 Spring Cycle General Grant Criteria

2018 Spring Cycle General Grant Guidelines

2018 Spring Cycle Sample Agency Agreement

United Way Goals, Priorities and Ranked Issues

Strategies, Actions and Indicators for Poor Mental Health Days

Strategies, Actions and Indicators for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Innovative Grants

Innovative Grants are defined as funding that addresses an underlying cause of an identified community need. United Way will accept proposals that address specific issues.

United Way will award one or more innovative grants up to $100,000.

Projects are encouraged to include collaborative partners and proposals will be evaluated based on the strength of the collaboration.

Applicants are also encouraged to discuss their projects with United Way staff before submitting a final application.

Proposals are typically due in the summer. Applicants must complete all of the requirements in the Request for Proposal.

Please contact Mary Wisnet at United Way Fox Cities with any questions. She can be reached at 920-735-5461 or

Innovative Grants are closed until April 2, 2018.