We work every day to improve lives

To create lasting change, we recruit the people and organizations from all across the community who bring the passion, expertise and resources to get things done. Financial resources are invested in over 100 programs, initiatives and grants serving more than 100,000 people in the Fox Cities.


2019 Video

United We Care

We believe that for the Fox Cities of tomorrow, we must take the right steps today. We stand by our mission to build a stronger, more caring community for everyone. Take action; join us in caring for our friends, neighbors, family and co-workers. Join us to LIVE UNITED.

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Children and Youth

Developing Children & Youth

Every child, from birth to adulthood, is valued and supported. Resources are maximized to support the development of our children and youth as contributing members of the community.

Basic Needs

Improving Self-Sufficiency

Individuals' and families' basic needs are met in a timely manner through a coordinated system of resources, providing them opportunities to achieve their highest potential.

Health and Healing

Promoting Health & Healing

Every community member has access to quality and innovative health and crisis intervention services, and the opportunity to achieve optimal health and wellness through coordinated care and educational programs.


Strengthening Families

Strong, diverse family units are thriving in a caring community committed to the collaborative development and sharing of resources to improve their lives.