Running an Emerging Leaders Campaign

Are you interested in leading an Emerging Leaders Campaign at your workplace?

2019 KCEmail Sandy Drexler at United Way Fox or call 920-735-5471. Read more about starting an EL Campaign in the following materials:

Benefits of Leading an EL Campaign

The "Benefits of Leading an EL Campaign" flyer provides a high-level overview of leading and building a successful Emerging Leaders program within your workplace.

Guide to Building a Successful EL Campaign

If you are interested in more detailed information, please read "A Guide to Building a Successful Emerging Leaders Giving Program in Your Workplace". Contents of the Guide include:

  • What is a Company Emerging Leaders Giving Program?
  • How to Conduct a Successful Emerging Leaders Campaign (Step-by-Step Guide)
  • Emerging Leaders Presentation - Sample Agenda
  • United Way Fox Cities Talking Points
  • A list of other available resources
  • Sample Letters - Support Letter, Invitations, Thank You Notes, etc.

EL Giving Levels