2016 Campaign Awards & Recognition

Top 50 Most Generous Companies

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Each year, we recognize individuals and teams who show outstanding leadership in their company's United Way campaign in the categories of small employer (under 150 employees), medium employer (151-499 employees), and large employer (500 or more employees).

Large Employer

Alta Resources

3 Alta Resources Large Company 2016

Congradualtions to Alta Resources, where the number of donors increased by over 200 individuals. Thank you to the entire Alta team!

Medium Employer

Miron Construction Company

2 Miron Medcompany 2016

Miron had significant increases in employee giving and participation, growing their overall campaign by 70% this year. Congradulations to Miron for winning this award for the third year in a row!

Small Employer

US Bank

1 US Bank Small Company 2016 Copy Copy 2

US Bank employee participaion reached 95% this year, driving an increase in employee giving of 56%. Congratulations on your success!

Kimberly-Clark, our largest community supporter, has had years of fantastic achievements and wanted to inspire other companies to share in that success. In 2003, Kimberly-Clark created two traveling awards that recognize other companies conducting outstanding campaigns. These awards recognize companies for greatest increase of employee participation and greatest increase of employee giving.

The Kimberly-Clark Employee Participation Award

Menasha Corporation

8 Menasha Kcparticipation 2016

Menasha Corporation worked hard to make it even easier for employees to give. This, along with the committee's hard work across the board, resulted in a 45% increase in participation. Congratulations, Menasha Corporation!

The Kimberly-Clark Employee Giving Award

Miron Construction Company

9 Miron Kcgiving 2016

Miron wins this award for the second year in a row with an increase in employee giving of 57%. Thank you and congradulations to Miron!

United Way Fox Cities also recognizes the company with the largest increase in Leadership and Emerging Leaders giving.

Leadership Giving/Emerging Leader Award

Miron Construction Company

7 Miron ELL 2016

Miron grew Emerging Leaders by 45% and Leadership Givers by 43% in this year's campaign. Congradulations to Miron, and thank you to Dave Voss for your strong campaign leadership!

We are fortunate to have so many strong corporate partners who demonstrate outstanding commitment year after year. This year we honor two of these special companies for their sustained excellence to United Way Fox Cities.

Sustained Excellence Awards

Youth Go

4 Youth Go Sustained 2016

Youth Go, led by Kelly Hicks, consistently has near 100% participation from their employees. This year, they increased total giving by 16%. Thank you to Youth Go for their commitment to the campaign and to serving youth in our community! 

Bassett Mechanical

5 Bassett Sustained 2016

Bassett Mechanical's campaign team created new incentives this year to strengthen their already successful campaign, which has more than doubled in the last five years. Thank you to the Bassett team for their hard work!


6 Bergstrom Sustained 2016

Bergstrom Automotive has maintained an outstanding campaign by involving employees at all levels, promoting Emerging Leaders and Leadership Giving, and infusing fun into their activities. Thank you to Bergstrom for its dedication to improving the Fox Cities for all!