Areas Of Impact

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United Way Fox Cities improves lives by bringing diverse people together to build a stronger, more caring community for everyone.

We accomplish our mission through the work of our three areas of focus:

  • Health Impact Committee

  • Education Impact Committee

  • Financial Stability Impact Committee

Each Impact Committee is composed of a group of volunteers who study the issues in the community related to their area of impact, prioritize those issues and determine United Way's strategy for addressing those issues.

The Impact Committees are also responsible for making funding decisions for our partner agencies and programs. The volunteers conduct an in-depth review of programs and their results to ensure that community dollars are invested wisely.

Goals and Issue Statements

In 2018, we embarked on a journey to reach goals by 2021. We recruited people and organizations with the expertise and passion to set these goals and to develop strategies to move our efforts forward.

Our Goals:

  • Children and youth are on track to reach their full potential
  • Individuals and families are financially stable
  • Children, youth, and adults are healthy

To accomplish our mission, the volunteers in our three Impact Committees study the issues in the community, prioritize those issues and determine United Way's strategies for addressing those issues. United Way's priorities are updated every five years, following the release of the LIFE Study. The priorities may be revised more frequently as community conditions warrant.

United Way's Quality of Life Goals with Supporting Issue Statements