2-1-1 Reports

United Way  2-1-1 reports  on what needs are being presented in the community, how they are being met, and who is helping them to meet those needs. 2-1-1 also collects specific caller information based on location of caller, gender, age, and sex. The reports can be viewed by clicking on the active links below.

Customized Reports

Customized reports may be available upon request. Please contact Lisa Smith, 2-1-1 Manager at 920-954-7206 or lisa.smith@unitedwayfoxcities.org.

2021 Annual Snapshot

This report is a quick, statistical overview. Download the 2021 Annual Snapshot.

Snapshot Annual 2021

2021 Annual Accomplishments

This report is a narrative outlining major accomplishments. Download the 2021 Annual Accomplishments.

2021 Year of Accomplishments

Annual Snapshot Reports

Snapshot: This report is a quick, statistical overview.

Archived Reports

View archived reports including Quarterly Snapshot Reports (2014, 2015, 2016) and Annual Snapshot Reports (2014).