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Become a 2-1-1 Resource

It is simple to connect your organization to the 2-1-1 Online Resource Directory. 2-1-1 will review the information sent to make sure it meets our criteria (read the Inclusion Policy). After review of your service for inclusion, it will be submitted into the resource directory. Your service will be searchable online, as well as ready for direct phone referrals.

Online Registration: If you are a service provider interested in being included in the United Way 2-1-1 Resource Directory, click here to send us your information.

Resource Directory Form: Download the Resource Directory Form. You may print the form and fill it out manually or use Adobe Acrobat to type in the form, save it to your computer, and attach it to an email. Please return the completed form to:

United Way Fox Cities 2-1-1
Attn: Lisa Smith
1455 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952

Fax: (920)954-7209

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Resource Materials

Resource materials are displayed in visible locations throughout the Fox Cities. We also provide our materials as requested to other non-profit, and community service organizations who use our materials to connect the people they help to appropriate services, or Information & Referral.

  • 2-1-1 Bookmarks: 2-1-1 bookmarks are made available in English, Spanish and Hmong. (Free)

  • Help for Hard Times: This booklet has been prepared to guide unemployed people to the services that can best help them, whatever their particular needs may be. (Free)

Ordering Information: To request 2-1-1 materials please email or call 920-954-7206.

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Become a 2-1-1 PLUS Site

2-1-1 PLUS is an outreach program designed to compliment the 2-1-1 services provided by United Way 2-1-1 and its partners.

2-1-1 PLUS sites have been strategically selected to reach out to the populations that may most likely benefit from 2-1-1, but who do not have the means to access it.  Through this system, locations throughout the community offer access to the United Way 2-1-1 services via phone, internet or both.  These sites are crucial to the success of 2-1-1 because they enhance the ability of the system to help those who are in the greatest need of services.

PLUS sites are especially useful for those community members who do not have access to a phone or computer, or do not feel comfortable accessing the 2-1-1 database from home or work. United Way 2-1-1 PLUS service is only the second of its kind in the nation.

Who are PLUS Sites?

PLUS sites are a coalition of local service providers and private businesses that believe it is necessary to work together to strengthen our ten county service area.  PLUS sites are available to people from all walks of life and may offer volunteers who speak other languages.  PLUS sites do not turn anyone away from the help they ask for and strive to provide clients with the best information possible.  PLUS sites include:

  • Resource Centers
  • Local Schools
  • Child Care Centers
  • Local Nonprofits
  • Government Offices

When are PLUS Sites open?

PLUS sites are open according to each participating business' or service provider's normal hours of operation.

Why become a PLUS Site?

Being a PLUS site will allow you to better help members of our ten county service area.  Too often people ask for help and their questions cannot be answered.  PLUS sites allow member agencies and businesses to provide needed information in an accurate and timely manner, effectively reducing the amount of misinformation that causes so much confusion.

What is required of PLUS Sites?

All that is required of PLUS sites is the dedication of a private space that offers either telephone or internet access (free of charge) for a client to use to contact 2-1-1 and an employee who can assist clients if needed.

How do I become a PLUS Site?

Contact Lisa Smith, United Way 2-1-1 by phone at (920) 954-7206 to discuss the possibility of joining this partnership that aims to better the lives of all residents in our service area.

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