Financial and Physical Health

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Financial and Physical

United Way funds programs that provide for immediate needs and create long-term solutions.

Contributors: Alan Prahl, Education and Marketing Leader at FISC and Trish Sarvela, Development Director at Partnership Community Health Center

Many times, families who are struggling need more than one service to help get them back on their feet. For instance, if a family member loses their job, the family may quickly use up any savings and need help with their housing costs, managing a new budget, and finding affordable food, clothing and health care - to name a just a few of the complexities. With this in mind, United Way funds programs that work from all angles - providing for immediate needs and creating long-term solutions.

The next United Way Experience tour will highlight two United Way-supported programs: the Financial Information & Service Center (FISC) and the Partnership Community Health Center. Join us on Wednesday, November 5th from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. at the Goodwill Community Center (1800 Appleton Road, Menasha, Entrance #2) to learn how United Way is working to keep families financially and physically healthy - register today! Keep reading to get a sneak peak of the topics covered…

Financial Information & Service Center (FISC)

People of all income levels sometimes find that life and money can be challenging. Many people would like to save more money, pay down debt or retire and live comfortably.  We'll identify some common sources of financial stress and explain how FISC helps people find long-lasting solutions for financial wellness.

Partnership Community Health Center

Some of you may remember us by our old name, Fox Cities Health Center, but we just celebrated our one-year anniversary with our new name and logo. This year, we will provide over 12,000 people with primary medical, dental and behavioral health care.

Our staff also helps families with insurance enrollment through the Affordable Care Act because we know it is important to link insurance coverage to care. Last year, over 1,800 people became newly insured in our tri-county service area. Open enrollment will start on November 15, 2014 and we will be available again to help the uninsured in our community.