Generosity: from the Perspective of a Leadership Fox Cities Grad

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fox Cities

Our community is a great place to live and work - in part because of the nonprofits that serve those in need.

Contributor: Josh Dukelow, Vice President of Public Policy & Leadership at Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry

I've had a lot of jobs in my short career, but the common thread between them has been service to my community. Whether I was raising funds for Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity, or connecting local employers to services and solutions, I have always been motivated to give my all for the community that I love.

Recently, I had the opportunity to learn a lot more about the needs that exist in the Fox Cities and the diverse groups that work to address those needs. As a participant in Leadership Fox Cities, we toured some of these organizations and heard leaders describe the impact they have.

In a few short hours, I got to see and hear from leaders at United Way, Salvation Army, Valley Packaging, Harbor House, NAMI, Goodwill, and others. I also got to dive into the details of United Way's 2-1-1 service and the LIFE Study.

This immersive experience had several effects. First, I felt compelled to get personally involved with every organization I heard from. The need is so great, and the work they do makes a huge difference. I want to be a part of that! Second, I realized that there is a high-degree of coordination between groups. The collaborations are designed to eliminate duplication of services and efficiently get those in need of help to the right place.

Personally, I have always been involved with cultural philanthropy. But the facts I heard from United Way and the agencies they work with have opened my eyes. I see that there are great needs in our community - literacy, mental health, poverty, and domestic violence among them - but there are also world-class services here to meet those needs. We are lucky to live in this incredible place!