Show You Care

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kids Volunteering

Contributor: Nanci Micke, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at United Way Fox Cities

It is never too early to be a part of making the community a better place to live, work and play. I was inspired by a list of 101 ways that kids and adults can show they care that was created by United Way of Greater Milwaukee. Here are 10 of my favorites:

1. Help a neighbor with yard work.

2. Share outgrown clothes with a local charity.

3. Visit a retirement home to play board games.

4. Vote and tell your kids you did.

5. Serve a meal at a local shelter.

6. Give an hour of your babysitting money to charity.

7. Celebrate life! Watch caterpillars turn into butterflies.

8. Donate school supplies for students without their own.

9. Call a far-away friend or relative just to say hello.

10. Create an "inspiration jar" filled with thoughtful sayings.

It doesn't matter how old you are or when you first started thinking of others. What is important is that we join hands, open our hearts, and think of we before me. Make a difference.