Will You Join the LIVE UNITED Story?

Thursday, July 10, 2014


6-year-old Lisa's story in the 2014 video illustrates the work of United Way.

Contributor: Susan Perri, Marketing and Communications Assistant at United Way Fox Cities

Every year, United Way Fox Cities produces a video to help illustrate our work. This year's video was made possible by the generous in-kind support of Image Studios. Our concept was simple - we wanted to show the numerous ways that United Way Fox Cities' works every day in the community to improve lives. We pulled from examples of real stories from across our community and told the LIVE UNITED Story through Lisa, a 6-year-old girl whose family and friends benefit from some of the services that United Way supports in the Fox Cities. (Watch the video on our Facebook page!)

In so many ways, Lisa's story rings true. Those who work in the social and human service sector will tell you that often families and individuals come to them with layers of issues that need to be addressed. Multiple services and organizations may be called on to help get someone back on their feet or keep them from slipping further into problems. Like Lisa's story illustrates, our targeted approach addresses big, community-wide issues at their core, but also helps people on a daily basis - strengthening families, supporting health and healing, improving self-sufficiency and developing children. As an organization with dozens of partners, we are collectively making an impact beyond what any one program could accomplish alone. 

United Way's mission is built on the fact that an integrated, community-wide approach to solving issues is most effective. Did you know that one in three people in our community will be assisted by a United Way-supported program this year? We are able to help so many in our community because of your support - change won't happen without you!