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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Diaper Volunteers

Over the course of 6 hours, shifts of volunteers repacked 35,000 diapers for the Fox Cities Diaper Bank.

Contributor: Susan Perri, Marketing and Communications Assistant at United Way Fox Cities

It was a busy day in the United Way Fox Cities conference room today! Over 30 community members came together to help repackage 35,000 size 4 diapers before a big distribution next week. Deb Schmidt, Executive Assistant at United Way Fox Cities said, "We put a call out to the community, and they came through again. We were thrilled with the response and grateful for the generosity of all of the volunteers who gave their time today." Volunteers age 4 and up repacked diapers into groupings of 100 - an easy number to inventory, distribute and store for organizations across the Fox Cities. This year, a total of over 400,000 diapers will be distributed to families in need through the Fox Cities Diaper Bank, an initiative of United Way Fox Cities.

Becky Lefeber and her 3 children were part of the group of volunteers. She said, "We wanted to volunteer today so that we could help others as a family."

Michele Losey, Youth Board Advisor at United Way Fox Cities brought her two children to the diaper repacking. Michele, said, "It feels good to volunteer." Marcus, age 9, said, "We had nothing else to do and I like working. I'm learning that people can't afford diapers." Nolan, age 4, said, "Mom said I had to come." (And, there were treats waiting in the freezer for him.) Each one had a different reason for helping, but they all had a great attitude and were working as a team to build boxes.

Mallory Krueger used her day off of work to volunteer, "I am a part of Rotaract Fox River. We are a group of young professionals who participate in community service opportunities. A staff member at United Way Fox Cities mentioned the opportunity to me and I happened to have a day off."

The repacking room was filled with sounds of tape ripping, boxes bouncing, packages being cut open, chatter, laughter and a community coming together to LIVE UNITED. Thank you to all of the donors, partners and local companies that make the Fox Cities Diaper Bank possible and the over 900 volunteers who have been involved in repacking diapers over the years. Your efforts make a real difference in the lives of over 600 babies who will receive the diapers every month!