Focused on the Ultimate Goal

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ultimate Goal

Contributor: Peter C. Kelly, President and CEO at United Way Fox Cities

We can achieve great things by setting big goals.

We just announced the completion of a successful 2014 fundraising campaign. Through the generosity of over 17,000 United Way donors, this community continues to show it cares about helping others. During the excitement of celebrating this success, I need to remind myself why we do all this hard work. Raising the money is critically important, but what really matters is how we invest the money that you, the community, have entrusted in us.

Thanks to you, the homeless and abused will have safe places to go for shelter, children will have safe, healthy alternatives after school, and our elderly, home-bound neighbors will enjoy nutritious meals every weekday. In all, you are helping to fund programs, collaborative initiatives, and innovative grants that will touch more than 100,000 Fox Cities residents this year. Together we are building a stronger, healthier community for everyone. That's the ultimate goal we need to celebrate.

Learn more about how your investment helps our community by downloading our 2014 By the Numbers (.pdf).