Ensuring a Healthy Community for Generations to Come

Thursday, July 16, 2015

John and Tim

John Bykowski and Tim Bergstrom presented at the Circle of Caring event.

Contributor: Sandy Drexler, Vice President of Resource Development at United Way Fox Cities

When Henry Hodas moved to the Fox Cities to work for an insurance company, he likely didn't realize the imprint the area would make on his heart and the significant impact he would have on our community. By leaving United Way Fox Cities' Administrative Endowment as the primary beneficiary of his estate, Henry was able to effect the single largest gift United Way has ever received. 

Through his gift, Henry helped to support our vision of someday having enough funding in the Administrative Endowment to cover the operating costs of the organization, so all money donated to the annual campaign can be invested in improving lives in our community.

Henry believed in United Way's work and had a special interest in our efforts to make mental-health services available to anyone who needs them. He relished his time at the first two gatherings for the Circle of Caring, United Way Fox Cities' recognition society for the endowment. Henry was with us in spirit this week as we gathered at John and Rose Bykowski's house to celebrate the commitment that he and others have made.

John Bykowski, Circle of Caring Chair, noted, "(My wife) Rose and I are proud to represent the Circle of Caring and ensure a healthy community for our grandchildren." Board Chair and Circle of Caring Member, Tim Bergstrom echoed a similar sentiment, "Today, we have such a special community. (My wife) Natalie and I believe it's important to ensure future generations have this same gift."

You, too, can ensure that those who follow us have the same quality of life that we enjoy today. For more information about the Circle of Caring and our endowment, please contact Sandy Drexler at sandy.drexler@unitedwayfoxcities.org, or 920-954-7210.