Emerging Leaders Promote Early Learning Opportunities

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fritse Born Learning Trail

Contributor: Susan Perri, Marketing and Communications Assistant at United Way Fox Cities

If you have ever interacted with a child, you know they are constantly learning, right from birth. Children's early years are their foundation for growth and development and what they learn during those years depends on the experiences they have each and every day.

That's where United Way Born Learning Trails come in. Born Learning Trails provide free opportunities for parents, grandparents and caregivers to boost young children's literacy and language skills. The trails feature interactive stations with tips and tools to engage children in play-based learning activities. This week, United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leaders got out their paint and paint brushes to help install a new Born Learning Trail at Fritse Park in the Town of Menasha. (View more photos of the new Born Learning Trail.)

Rich Young and Jen Zimmer-Young brought their children to the build. They shared, "We wanted to help build the Born Learning Trail because we're always advocates for finding unique ways for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Also, it's great to have our kids involved so that they can learn that giving is a good thing."

As Amy Haberkorn helped paint the alphabet on the sidewalk she said, "My husband and I are expecting. We are excited to be able to bring our kids here in a couple of years."

Liesl Britzke, who helped to organize the build said, "So often we go to the park with our young kids and see parents sitting on benches using their phones. This is a great way to engage parents and children in active learning."

Currently, there are three Born Learning Trails in the Fox Cities at Pierce Park (Appleton), Plamann Park (Appleton) and Fritse Park (Town of Menasha). Two additional trails will be completed in fall 2015 at Jefferson Park (Menasha) by community volunteers and Smith Park (Menasha) by Menasha Corporation United Way Emerging Leaders. Volunteer opportunities will be available for the build at Jefferson Park on September 2nd - more information to follow.

By playing and exploring together, caregivers can help their children get ready for success in school and in life. Explore a Born Learning Trail with your little one today!