Pledge to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Friday, October 16, 2015


Josh Kilgas, along with other United Way Fox Cities staff, took the pledge to start new, healthy habits.

Contributor: Samuel Wagner, Weight of the Fox Valley intern from UW-Madison

What is the trigger that can motivate someone to make a life changing commitment? For Josh Kilgas, it was a desire to improve his overall health and lower his blood pressure.  As he changed his eating habits and introduced regular exercise into his life his goals have continued to evolve. Josh says, “Now I crave healthy foods… I went from hating running to liking it, going from one minute of running to up to 20 miles.” In his mind, exercising and eating right can be just as much as a craving as any unhealthy habits or foods. Thanks to his “cravings,” Josh is now training to run his first marathon in September 2015.

Today, Josh has many habits and routines that help him stay in shape. Along with support from his friends and family, tools that track his exercise goals, and a consistent weight training regimen, Josh tries to include exercise in as many areas of his life as possible. Even within his job, Josh tries to stay active. Every 20 to 30 minutes, an alarm goes off and he walks around his building, in order to get some exercise. At first, his coworkers seemed to think it was strange, but now Josh has others join him. Josh also tries to take some of his favorite recipes and find ways to make them healthier. He considers it as a unique challenge to improve his lifestyle, and says that it is always fun to offer a healthy recipe to others without saying that it is changed. Even when dealing with more natural and organic food, you can still have a full flavor!

Much of Josh’s inspiration has come from Weight of the Fox Valley, (WOTFV)
a tri-county initiative with a shared vision of working together to achieve and maintain a healthy weight at every age. Josh took the WOTFV pledge for a healthier lifestyle and has made it a reality.

This initiative is led by United Way Fox Cities and the Oshkosh Area United Way, which serve as the backbone organizations. You can hear first-hand about the work WOTFV is doing to build a healthier community at the United Way EXPERIENCE Tour on Thursday, Aug 27th, at noon (Please feel free to bring your own lunch).

Now, Josh is living a healthier life and encourages others to do the same. He knows that it may be hard and that results may not happen immediately, but it is the experience that is worthwhile. According to Josh, if you keep exercising, “not only will you see results, you’ll start to enjoy it.”

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Are you looking for inspiration for your own workouts? In order to encourage individuals while they are enjoying outdoor activities, Weight of the Fox Valley created the Fox Valley Active Playlist – you can follow the playlist, listen to what inspires others and add your own music! Learn more on our website.