Congratulations 2015 Wes Urch Volunteer Service Award Recipients

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wes Urch

From left to right: Tim Short, 2015 Wes Urch Volunteer Service Award Recipient, Peter Kelly, President and CEO at United Way Fox Cities, and Mike Hochholzer, 2015 Wes Urch Volunteer Service Award Recipient.

Contributor: Peter C. Kelly, President and CEO at United Way Fox Cities

Every year, at the Annual Report to the Community, we recognize an individual for his or her outstanding service to United Way Fox Cities. This is more than "volunteer of the year" recognition; the Wes Urch Volunteer Service Award is given to an individual for their years of volunteerism helping us achieve our mission. This year the award committee wished to honor two volunteers for their years of service to United Way Fox Cities:

Mike Hochholzer

Mike Hochholzer joined the Basic Needs and Self Sufficiency Impact Area in 2006. Since then, he has served as Vice Chair and Chair of that Impact Area. In 2009, he became a member of the Community Impact Council, the group of volunteers that oversees all of our investments. In 2013, he became the Vice Chair and, last year, he became the Chair of the Community Impact Council. During this time, he also joined the United Way Fox Cities Board of Directors. 
In addition to overseeing program investments, Mike has either lead or participated in the review of all General Grant and Innovative Grant proposals for the past two and a half years.
As one nominator stated, “In his various roles, this individual has provided invaluable leadership that has led to the recommendation and funding of tens of millions of dollars of support for countless individuals in our community. United Way Fox Cities does not have impact in the community without the selfless leadership of people like Mike Hochholzer.”

Tim Short

After serving as the Executive Chair of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation campaign in 2006, Tim Short served on the United Way Fox Cities Board of Directors. He went on to chair our Board of Directors in 2011. He shared his business expertise by joining the Marketing Committee in 2006 and continues to serve as a valuable member today. In addition, Tim joined the Community Impact Council in 2010 and still serves on it today.

Although Tim has served United Way Fox Cities in many roles, I think his greatest contribution comes from his involvement in our strategic planning process. Tim helped craft our five year strategic plan, and since 2012, has met with the leadership team at least twice a year to hold us accountable to the plan. When we decided to update the plan in 2015, Tim led the effort again.
Nanci Micke, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at United Way Fox Cities said it best, “Tim’s work with our strategic planning should qualify him for sainthood. I can think of few volunteers that would have taken on that task and stayed with us through years of planning. Tim's efforts have helped us to do a better job of living our mission to build a stronger, more caring community.”