Imagine the Possibilities

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Possibilities Video

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Contributor: Tony Gonzalez, Vice President Community Development at United Way Fox Cities

I have been with United Way Fox Cities for three years now. Prior to joining United Way, I worked for 23 years in the Fox Cities within three United Way partner organizations. Throughout my work history, United Way Fox Cities was behind almost every service I have helped provide to our community, from teaching parenting skills to supporting military families through emergencies.

At United Way Fox Cities we fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person. We know that there are many people in our community that are one car accident, one diagnosis, or one home repair away from being tossed into a spiral of poverty. There is a growing number of individuals and families who are working, but are unable to afford the basic necessities.

When households cannot make ends meet, they are forced to make difficult choices. Short-term strategies such as skipping preventative health care, home and car maintenance, or a bill payment may have long-term consequences such as poor health, fines, and larger bills in the future. And, in my past with the Red Cross, I have watched too many people lose everything to a house fire because they did not have renters insurance and instead chose to feed their families.

We know that we cannot do our work alone. We know it takes a village to address the complex social issues we face as a community. It takes a community of partners, donors and volunteers to maintain the quality of living we enjoy. It takes organizations like United Way to engage the community in addressing issues and envision possibilities, possibilities in how we understand these complex issues and transform our community to an even better place to call home. 

We thank you for helping us live our mission of building a stronger, more caring community for everyone. And we thank you for joining us in making possibilities a reality.