A secret sauce in the Fox Cities

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Faith Tech

Contributor: Kelly Chartré, Director of Marketing at Faith Technologies, Inc.

Faith Technologies is a strong supporter of United Way, not just in the Fox Cities, but throughout the country. With locations in Atlanta, Kansas City, Tulsa, and beyond, we focus our efforts on helping to align employees with local agencies.

Last year, the team from our Excellerate (manufacturing) division volunteered by helping United Way Fox Cities deliver the 2015/2016 campaign materials. When Excellerate was busy with overtime this year, the marketing team from Faith stepped in to help! With a team of six, we helped deliver this year’s boxes to more than 100 local businesses and organizations.

For me, it was about paying it forward. I grew up in Appleton in safe neighborhoods with clean parks. I went to the library and participated in summer programs and activities. I rode the bus. I shopped the stores downtown. I walked to local restaurants for lunch with my friends. It’s just such a wonderful place to live and to raise a family. I want my kids to feel just as free and safe to do the things I was able to do in my youth.

With programs supported by United Way Fox Cities, we are strengthening at-risk youth (United Way’s PATH for Students), we are updating parks (Born Learning Trails), we are helping people stay employed by providing transportation services (The Connector), and we are helping so many babies stay healthy (Fox Cities Diaper Bank). It’s because of all of these reasons and more that my kids will learn, feel supported, and be self-sufficient. We live in a very special community and we should all share in keeping it that way. And, it’s funny, we actually hear people say, “There’s a secret sauce in the Fox Cities not found anywhere else.” It’s because we have so many people willing to care, willing to donate, and willing to volunteer that we’ll continue to be a top community to live, work and raise a family.

This opportunity was just one more way to show how easy it is to help: Give. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s it. A half-day of volunteering helped United Way Fox Cities be able to execute their campaign, even earlier this year than in past years!  We are just excited to have been able to help with that. For what United Way Fox Cities does for our communities and families, it was the least we could do.