Once upon a time in the Fox Cities

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fairy godmother

Watch the video. You can make your #GivingTuesday gift early by clicking here.

From your friends at United Way Fox Cities

Once upon a time, in the Fox Cities, there were children who were so excited to read, but they had no books at home to practice. The fairy godmother watched these children from a distance as they fell further and further behind their classmates each year. She knew, 34 percent of American children start kindergarten without the skills needed to learn to read, and 88 percent of these children will never catch up.* This made her sad, but unfortunately, her wand was unable to create books, only people called “authors” were able to use the magical powers of their imaginations to do that!

One day, the fairy godmother was browsing her Facebook page and came across some great news. She immediately got out her calendar and marked a very special date: #GivingTuesday, November 28th. The Facebook post explained that on #GivingTuesday, donors across the Fox Cities could donate money to purchase books for kids. Even better, the first $2,000 donated would be matched by a generous gift from Thrivent Financial.

The fairy godmother got out her calculator and did the math – it was so simple to impact hundreds of children! With the match from Thrivent Financial, the impact of each gift will be doubled:

$5 = 6 books (with the match)
$10 = 12 books (with the match)
$25 = 32 books (with the match)

The fairy godmother knows it will take many people to reach the $2,000 goal, but she has witnessed incredible generosity in the Fox Cities, and believes it is possible.

Will you join us to help kids in the Fox Cities get books? Together, let’s make this a fairy-tale ending. Make sure to mark your calendar for #GivingTuesday or you can make your #GivingTuesday gift today!

*Statistic from Reach Out and Read Wisconsin