Tables and chairs and binders, oh my!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tables and Chairs

Best-Friends of Neenah-Menasha recently received a conference table and chairs from Associated Bank through the United Way Fox Cities in-kind program.

From your friends at United Way Fox Cities

Not sure what to do with your old office chair that was recently upgraded? For more than 20 years, United Way Fox Cities has been helping connect nonprofits to gently used in-kind donations. In 2017, 28 nonprofits were served by the program.

The process is pretty simple, according to Deb Schmidt, Executive Assistant at United Way Fox Cities, who manages the in-kind donations. Organizations preparing to move or upgrade their office will contact us. We request a photo of the item(s) and dimensions of larger item(s), like tables or cabinets. Then, Deb sends a “first-come, first-served” email out to a list of nonprofits and requests a response within a week (or less if the donation needs to be out the door fast). Usually items are snapped up in a day or two. Organizations donating items are asked to hold onto them until the nonprofit can arrange to pick them up. Deb says, “We’re happy to coordinate these efforts because we know we are helping supplement the tight budgets many nonprofits have to manage.”

Through the years, we have learned some items are more in-demand than others. Office furniture including chairs and desks as well as office supplies or equipment, like binders and computer monitors are quickly claimed. Two items which don’t have many takers are pianos and televisions.

Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha was recently a beneficiary of our in-kind donation program. Jaime Kriewaldt, Executive Director says, “We are extremely appreciative, excited, and thankful for the conference table & chairs donation from Associated Bank, downtown Neenah branch!

"We don’t have a lot of resources to purchase office furniture, so when we received the email from United Way Fox Cities, we jumped on the opportunity. The donation allows our organization to provide a more professional atmosphere when hosting meetings with all of our various stakeholders. It has truly enhanced our office.

"The in-kind program at United Way Fox Cities provides nonprofits with more resources to fulfill their mission. It is another great opportunity for businesses & nonprofits to continue working together to create impact in our community. Thank you, Associated Bank and United Way Fox Cities!”

If your organization would like to be involved in the in-kind donation program, please contact Deb: