Find a Job You Love, Work Your Tail Off

Thursday, August 23, 2018

John and Aaron

John F. Bergstrom and Aaron Rodgers speak to a crowd of United Way Emerging Leaders and guests at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

From your friends at United Way Fox Cities

Last Saturday, United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leaders hosted a once-in-a-lifetime special event, thanks to Bergstrom Automotive.

The title of the event was "Find a Job You Love, Work Your Tail Off," and the speakers have done that! You might have heard of the speakers: John F. Bergstrom (Bergstrom Automotive) and Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers). They were kind enough to answer questions from the audience about leadership, overcoming obstacles, setting goals, and life perspectives, among other topics. This event was a special thank you to anyone who is a current United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leader. (View photos of the event.)
While Aaron Rodgers might be known for his athletic prowess, he focused many of his remarks on the value of reading and education. His advice to parents is to have kids read, get outside, and to turn off the computer. He also encouraged young athletes to play many sports, not just one. As a child, he played soccer, basketball, and baseball; he didn’t play tackle football until he was 13 years old.
On the subject of leadership, Rodgers said he works hard to lead by example. He makes sure he walks the walk – getting to the stadium early, spending extra time watching game film, and staying strong physically and mentally. He also threw out a word of advice for anyone who wants a selfie with him – don’t ask for one, and be cool. If you see him in the grocery store or a restaurant, don’t stare; just be normal and you might have a better chance.

As he was growing up, Rodgers' family volunteered at a local homeless shelter during the holiday season, which he said gave him perspective. His desire for a Sega Genesis video game system didn’t seem as important when other kids wanted a blanket and food. He encouraged people in the audience to keep making a difference in others’ lives by giving their financial resources, time, and talents. Several times, Rodgers acknowledged the amazing growth and generosity of the United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leaders, who have cumulatively given $4.75 million over the past 10 years. 
While we can’t promise Aaron Rodgers will be at any of our future events (thank you, Bergstrom Automotive, for this amazing opportunity!), United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leaders has many opportunities during the year for you to hear from local leaders, give of your time, and utilize your talents.

We invite you to join the good work happening in our community through Emerging Leaders. United Way Fox Cities Emerging Leaders give $500 or more, and is recommended for up-and-comers age 40 or under. Make your qualifying gift today or, if you have questions, contact Sandy Drexler, Vice President Resource Development at United Way Fox Cities.