It’s official: the campaign has kicked off!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

2018 Kickoff

Joe Mauthe, Executive Director of the Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities (far right), spoke about helping people living paycheck to paycheck at the 2018 United Way Fox Cities Campaign Kickoff. Also pictured (left to right) Ryne Lodl (Housing Partnership), Scott Peeples (Fox Valley Warming Shelter), and Rachel Youngquist (Housing Partnership).

Contributor: Nanci Micke, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at United Way Fox Cities

On Wednesday our United Way Community Campaign kicked off. It was a bit cooler than usual but that did not dampen the spirits of the 250+ supporters who gathered on the grounds of SECURA Insurance Companies. (View photos of the Campaign Kickoff event.)
During the program, Joe Mauthe, Executive Director of the Housing Partnership addressed the issue of being “cost-burdened,” when people pay more than 30% of their income on housing, which forces them to make difficult choices.

Mauthe said, “When people pay too much for housing, this leaves them with very little money left for the other necessities of life – food, transportation, medical expenses, school supplies, etc. This can mean living from paycheck to paycheck and being just one unexpected expense away from losing a home. Housing Partnership, Homeless Connections, and the Fox Cities Warming Shelter are in the business of preventing this from occurring and being there to assist when the bottom falls out. 

"Our agencies — with a great deal of support from United Way Fox Cities — seek to get involved early. We have new prevention and diversion programs. Our prevention efforts are focused on working with individuals and families to keep them in their home, this includes financial assistance and counseling, cooperation with LEAVEN, and affordable places to live. Our diversion program helps when someone has lost their home and are living with others, we work with them to keep them there instead of coming to shelter.
"When someone does become homeless, we offer shelter and transitional housing. This work is critical. Few things can be as traumatic to a child as the instability and fear that comes from not having a home. And we know this childhood trauma stays with a person throughout their life, often repeating itself.
"This is the beauty of United Way — seeing the big picture in the community, knowing the short-term and long-term impacts, leveraging a community’s generosity, and targeting resources to the place of greatest impact.”
In 2018, United Way Fox Cities will invest nearly one million dollars in programs that support our goal of building financially stable individuals and families by providing families with food, shelter, transportation, and development of job and money management skills. We thank Joe for reminding us that there is much for us to do as a community to help those who are in need.