A Mission for Period Progress

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Womens Hand SM

Contributor: Gretchen Krupp, Senior Associate Brand Manager, U by Kotex

Every woman has been in a situation where she needed a period product and didn’t have one. Now imagine if this happened every time you got your period. Research conducted last year by Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex brand found that for one in four women in the United States this is their reality.
And in 2018, U by Kotex decided to attack this issue head on by partnering with the National Diaper Bank Network to form the Alliance for Period Supplies. From there, the With U She Can program launched to ensure that girls and women in need have access to essential period products necessary to participate in daily life. Lack of access to period supplies is linked to using substitute products, stretching product usage and even missing work, school or other important events.
Since the launch a year ago, U by Kotex has donated more than 17 million period products to the Alliance for Period Supplies. These products are distributed through more than 60 allied programs nationwide, including the Fox Cities Diaper Bank, to local partners, schools, shelters and other facilities to get them into the hands of women who need them most.
This week on Tuesday, May 28, Menstrual Hygiene Day helped raise awareness to end period stigma worldwide. By providing products and education, girls have the tools to stay in school and ensure their periods don’t get in the way of their progress. This work embodies our commitment to engage consumers and communities to improve access to menstrual hygiene management. Kimberly-Clark proudly states that we create essentials for a better life, and I’m proud that programs and partnerships like these are the epitome of that statement.