WHBY's LIFE in Motion series receives award of excellence from Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Thursday, June 27, 2019

WHBY Award

Contributors: Josh Dukelow and Hayley Tenpas

The LIFE in Motion Radio series hosted by Josh Dukelow and Hayley Tenpas of WHBY has received an award of excellence from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. The series received second place in the category of Best Significant Community Impact. You can listen to a sample of the award-winning series online.

Beginning in 2001, three nonprofit community organizations started a long-term, joint project designed to highlight the biggest issues facing people in the Fox Cities. The Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, and United Way Fox Cities launched the LIFE (Leading Indicators for Excellence) Study.
With advances in data collection and visualization technology, starting in 2016 the LIFE Study is continually updated as new data sets are available. Seeking more opportunities to share the data with the community, eventually led to a website housing the data at FoxCitiesLIFEStudy.org where anyone can explore and interact with the information.
With new data coming in faster than ever, LIFE Study leaders asked WHBY to explore ways to promote and share information. These discussions led to the LIFE in Motion series. Throughout 2018, hosts Josh Dukelow and Hayley Tenpas welcomed local experts, service providers, and community leaders to discuss in-depth the data from the study. Interview topics included: healthy aging, poverty, mental health, obesity, child care, student safety and performance, LGBTQ issues, and child abuse.
These monthly interviews enhance the community impact of the LIFE Study in several ways:

  • Residents are invited to understand the numbers behind the trends in our community, adding depth to the daily news coverage and highlighting what is being done to address these challenges,
  • Agencies are provided a spotlight to showcase their work, invite people in need to utilize their services, and recruit volunteers to help them pursue their mission,
  • Focusing on one or two indicators from the study allows a better understanding of the larger trends that are driving social service work in our area, and how we compare to the rest of the state and the nation.

Enormous effort goes into collecting, aggregating, analyzing, understanding, and presenting the vast data sets contained in the Fox Cities LIFE Study. If the power of that data only lives in a binder or on a website, the potential for community impact is limited. By bringing those data points to life, through interviews with real people working on those problems in our area, WHBY magnifies and amplifies the original intent of the project, and the larger work of the LIFE Study Partners. We are proud of this partnership, and it will continue in 2019.