Domestic Violence Leader, Beth Schnorr, Retires

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Beth SchnorrFriday will mark the end of a remarkable career.

Beth Schnorr is retiring after serving as the executive director of Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs for the last 30 years. In 1990, when Beth joined Harbor House, it was an eight-bed shelter. Today, it is a 68-bed facility offering life-saving programs and services for women and families in our community.

Over her 40 year career in the field of domestic violence, Beth has played an important role at the state and local levels, bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence and creating a safer community for women.

As the stress of COVID-19 bears down on households and families are following the stay at home order, experts have cited a rise in reports of domestic violence around the world. Because of Beth’s leadership through the years, Harbor House stands strong and ready to help locally. If you are in danger or wish to speak with an advocate, please call Harbor House’s 24-hour crisis helpline at (920) 832-1666.

It’s been said that, “A noble leader answers not to the trumpet of self-promotion, but to the hushed whispers of necessity.” Beth is that noble, servant leader who has always been a passionate champion for women who are survivors of domestic violence.

United Way Fox Cities mission is to build a stronger, more caring community for everyone. We are extremely grateful to Beth Schnorr and Harbor House for helping build a community we’re all proud to call home. 

Thank you, Beth, we’ll miss you,
Peter C. Kelly